Good sex bad sex

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Good Sex Bad Sex

Good Sex Bad Sex (podcast) - Good Sex Bad Sex | Listen Notes

How do you have good sex and why do we have so much bad sex? Think good cop bad cop… But with more handcuff action. Listen on Apple Podcasts. Louisa and Rosie join the gals to chat about Sober Sex It's a thing, sure, but it's also a podcast hosted by Louisa and Rosie that focuses on what sexual self-integrity, spirituality and personal evolution looks like for different people.

10 Things That's Causing Bad Sex & How to Fix It (Men's Guide)

Justin Lehmiller 13 min read men performance training sex tips 2 Comments. Social Psychologist, researcher at The Kinsey Institute. Are you having the kind of sex that leaves you and your partner disappointed or unhappy? Thoughts like these can be extremely discouraging; however, the good news is that there are a lot of steps you can take to improve your sexual performance and make sex better for you and your partner.
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