Asian march in auckland

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A far-right Christchurch group is planning a "massive anti-Asian rally" in Queen St after its recruiting drive in Auckland, its leader, Kyle Chapman, told the Herald yesterday. The Right Wing Resistance is handing out flyers in areas with high Asian population, such as Pakuranga, Howick and Northcote, claiming an Asian invasion is taking place. Mr Chapman, a former National Front leader, said the drive was to recruit "like-minded Kiwis" to organise the rally, which the group plans to stage before the general election on November He said the Resistance was against mass Asian immigration, because Asian migrants "stole jobs" and "destroyed white New Zealand culture and heritage". When asked by this reporter, an Asian originally from Singapore, if he was one of those the group would like to keep out of the country, Mr Chapman said: "You're not the kind of Asian we're against. Massey University sociologist Paul Spoonley disagreed, saying the flyers were "offensive, intimidating" and "designed to stir up publicity rather than recruit".

Far-right group plans Auckland anti-Asian march

New Zealand Asian Leaders

The Chinese consulate has praised pro-Beijing students involved in a scuffle with Hong Kong democracy supporters at Auckland University. A Chinese bill proposing to extradite suspects from Hong Kong to mainland China has sparked mass protests in the Asian city and throughout the Chinese diaspora. Canterbury University China expert Anne-Marie Brady described the Chinese consulate statement as part of a worrying trend. On Wednesday at a pro-Hong Kong democracy rally at the University of Queensland, physical fighting ensued with a group of pro-Beijing students. Tensions escalated halfway through the protests uqprotest china hongkong uq pic.

Chinese consulate praises students in scuffle at Auckland University

The film is based on Liang's real-life cross-cultural romance. A Romeo and Juliet story set in Auckland , New Zealand , Emily Chu Michelle Ang is the daughter of traditional Chinese parents, whose only wishes are that she marries a good Chinese boy and becomes a doctor. But life seems to have other ideas for Emily, who dreams of becoming a world-famous director and falls in love with a white boy from university, James Harrison Matt Whelan.
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