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AKFG began as a college band back in in a private university in Yokohama. It was the first and, to date, the only major project for three of its members -- Masafumi Gotou lead vocals and guitar , Takahiro Yamada bass and vocals and Kensuke Kita guitar and vocals. Soon they were joined by drummer Ijichi Kiyoshi, and this lineup proved to be stable, lasting over the course of three albums and while gearing up to release their fourth in spring , not counting the many singles -- important releases in Japan, where CD prices are among the highest in the world, increasing the demand for cheaper records. However, in the beginning the band spent several years playing local gigs and making small-label releases, known in Japan simply as "indies.

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When they appeared in the early '80s, Asia seemed to be a holdover from the '70s, when supergroups and self-important progressive rockers reigned supreme. However, they also could be surprisingly poppy, and that is what brought them to the top of the charts with their debut album, Asia, and its hit single, "Heat of the Moment. The group disbanded in , only to reunite in without John Wetton; John Payne took his place. After churning out a couple of new songs for a greatest-hits collection, the band hit the road, including two sold-out dates in front of 20, fans in Moscow. Thereafter, they toured sporadically and released Aqua , Aria , Arena , Aura , and Silent Nation The band's lineup reverted to its original form featuring Wetton, Palmer, Howe, and Downes for Phoenix and Omega

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Long lurking in the shadow of Asia's pop establishment, hip-hop has experienced a tectonic shift in popularity as crews like 88rising a global squad comprising artists from China, Japan, South Korea, the U. The result is a cross-cultural movement that has inspired a generation of Asian kids starved for a familiar-looking face in the crowded rap universe, and earned the respect of contemporaries from Ghostface Killah to Playboi Carti. Our editors regularly update this playlist—if you hear something you like, add it to your library. Sign In. GIRLS feat.