Catching hiv through masturbation

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These two activities have very low risk for HIV transmission. The risk is considered more theoretical than real, which means in the real world we do not see the virus being spread this way. There are some STIs that can be spread when you receive oral sex. Using a condom for oral sex involving a penis or a dental dam for oral sex involving a vagina or anus can reduce the risk of these infections.

HIV, HCV and sex

Can You Get HIV From Masturbation?

The majority of new HIV infections globally each year are because of sexual transmission. The ways that HIV is transmitted are well understood. HIV is present in blood, semen, genital fluids and breast milk. Different types of sex carry different risks; for example, body rubbing and mutual masturbation are zero risk, oral sex is usually low risk, and anal or vaginal sex without a condom is usually high risk. Condoms are very effective at reducing HIV transmission. Viral load in the HIV positive partner is related to each of these risks. Risks are dramatically lower when HIV viral load is undetectable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Jerking each other off is safe as long as you don't get each other's sperm inside your bodies via fingers or by coming on or against each other. In itself, masturbating carries no risk in terms of HIV. As long as you don't get sperm in each other's anus or mouth. The HIV virus will not survive very long once it's outside the body.
HIV is not transmitted by day-to-day activities or by contact with objects, food or clothes. The following list includes just a few examples of questions we get from people worried about catching HIV. Most of these questions come from a combination of fear and ignorance. They come from a lack of confidence in understanding HIV transmission. The above are all real examples sent as questions to i-Base.