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This life-size painting shows an abstracted black Virgin Mary with a vibrant yellow background. One breast is exposed, as is traditional in classical depictions of the Virgin Mary and, less traditionally, is embellished with elephant dung. All around her flutter butterflies made from buttocks and vaginas cut from pornographic magazines. The painting is Ofili's attempt to deal with his childhood questions about race and virgin mothers, in particular which women are permitted to be holy, to be pure, and to be considered 'good mothers'.

Chris Ofili

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It was one of the works included in the Sensation exhibition in London, Berlin and New York in — The subject of the work, and its execution, caused considerable controversy in New York, with Rudolph Giuliani — then Mayor of New York City — describing Ofili's work as "sick". On a yellow-orange background, the large painting 8 feet high and 6 feet wide depicts a black woman wearing a blue robe, a traditional attribute of the Virgin Mary. The work employs mixed media , including oil paint , glitter , and polyester resin , and also elephant dung, map pins and collaged pornographic images.

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It deeply upset Catholics — such as Rudolph Giuliani, who was the Mayor of New York City at the time — and the general public — including Dennis Heiner who tried to deface the painting in As reported by The Telegraph , he brought elephant dung back to London in his luggage and began using it in his work. They assumed it was a front for selling drugs or had healing, mystical powers.
Chris Ofili. He made his name when he went on a travelling exhibition called Sensation in Ofili has an interesting habit when it comes to his art pieces; he often applies elephant dung to his pieces.