Descriptive words for orgasm

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Adjectives for orgasms

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We aren't very poetic about orgasms, as a culture. The Big O, coming, climaxing — and that's basically it, if you're not a medical professional. Fortunately, centuries past have done the work for us — and while most of the euphemisms for orgasms found in history may be poetic or musical inventions rather than common day-to-day terms, they're entertaining anyway. Though they might be best left in books: can you really imagine a wench of the s asking a gentleman to " cleave the pin "? Perhaps not. Some of these terms are clearly male-based, but others could be used for either gender. After all, female orgasms used to be seen as incredibly important: According to medical advice in the 13th century, couples looking to conceive needed to make sure they both orgasmed , at the same time — because women were thought to expel "seed" in the same sort of way as men, and the "seeds" mingled and became chubby little medieval babies.

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