Facial moisturizer recipe

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Well, about a year ago I stopped using some of the super expensive subscription style face care products and decided to go all natural. I promised myself after a few months of using this face lotion recipe, that the next time I made it I would photograph the process so I could share it with you. This face cream has only a few ingredients, no dyes, no chemical preservatives, no fragrances. I also use it as a primer for my makeup in the morning, and I put a little on a cotton ball to clean off stubborn eye makeup. That recipe was meant for hands though, so I made some tweaks to customize it for my face.

Homemade Ultra-Moisturizing Lotion (without Coconut Oil)

Homemade Face Moisturizer and Natural Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

This post may contain affiliate links. Read about our privacy policy. Yes, if you can believe it, three ingredients is all it takes to moisturize and soothe your skin and honestly, you really only need coconut oil if you want to go really minimalist! This recipe will last for 6 months of twice-daily moisturizing and you can store it at room temperature. I was inspired by S. Just a few drops of some essential oils make it smell amazing, not to mention help target specific skin conditions, from sensitivity to acne and wrinkles. Definitely check out the comments below for helpful tips from other readers so you can get some ideas to suit your skin type and sensitivity.

3-Ingredient All-Natural DIY Moisturizer

Today is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere—the shortest, darkest day of the year, but also the turning point towards longer days tomorrow will have a whole 5 seconds more daylight than today! I've shared several winter solstice themed projects over the This Ice Palace Ceramide Glow Gel Cream is packed with great-for-skin actives and just a hint of mica for skin that positively glows. I was inspired to create a complexion-enhancing moisturizer by products like Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter and
Both body butters and lotions are used to moisturize the skin. Your husband unknowingly will break it, sending sticky Kombucha rushing across your floor like a mighty river. Wearing black for several days is totally acceptable. Chicks are even worse than having full-grown backyard chickens.