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When the documentarian David France decided to chronicle the anti-gay and lesbian purges that had unleashed a wave of fear and violence in Chechnya, he needed more than just a camera. He had seen television news interviews from the Russian, largely Muslim republic: the subjects were dimmed in shadows, their voices digitally altered, but he found it hard to connect with them. How would he shield the identity of at-risk gay and lesbian Chechens fleeing the region via a network of safe houses, while also preserving their emotions, their affections and expressions? Blurring out a mob informant? So last century.

Deepfake Technology Enters the Documentary World

Do Lesbians Fake It?

I really do believe having open, honest communication with a partner is best, but sometimes faking an orgasm can be the best option for someone who wants to be done with sex. Skip navigation! Story from Queer Voices. We liked to say that we were the definition of friends with benefits, because we were friends first, and then later there were benefits… lots of benefits. There seems to be an understanding, both among queer women and straight people, that women having sex with other women never fake it. But the myth that sex between two cisgender women is significantly better than sex between a cis man and a cis woman, at least in terms of the number of orgasms we have, seems to be backed up by research. Not an overwhelming amount of research, but there is data to look at.

Best Lesbian Fake Dating

Don't worry, you're not alone. Most lesbians along with our straight sisters have faked an orgasm from time to time — and some of us have done it a lot. That applies if you're gay , lesbian , straight, or anything in between. Why would a lesbian fake it, anyway?
This is my girlfriend, schooling me in the ways of faking orgasms, a subject I thought I was well-versed in. Then again, my girlfriend is trained as an actor. It was better than Dancing with the Stars!