George w bush is an asshole

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Not many folks get to be cussed out, by name, on national television by the President of the United States. The populations of whole continents with their primitive toilets , sure. But by name, wow! Our public scoldings had some things in common. When George W.

Adam Clymer

Trump May Be Worse, But George W. Bush Was a Godawful President - In These Times

Through the closed door we can still hear him cackling. In the early nineteen-sixties, Cheney dropped out of Yale twice, but one professor there made a deep impression on him. That was H. Bradford Westerfield, a diplomatic historian who believed that it was possible that the United States would fall victim to a Communist takeover. And then the shocking thing was that you would enter the classroom and here would be all these nice young people who honestly wanted to learn to write an essay.

Trump May Be Worse, But George W. Bush Was a Godawful President

Bush was once involved in a similar incident. Although this article discusses events that took place both before and after George W. During a Labor Day weekend rally at suburban Naperville, Illinois, the then-Republican presidential nominee and Texas governor forgot the axiom about treating every microphone as a live mike. Not everyone in the crowd caught the exchange, but many did.
US candidate George W Bush, who had promised to bring a new tone of civility to politics, made a disparaging remark about a reporter from The New York Times yesterday - only for it to be picked up by a live microphone. The Republican presidential nominee was unaware that is microphone was live when he leaned over to Dick Cheney at a Labour Day rally and said, "There's Adam Clymer, major league asshole from the New York Times. When asked about the comment at a brief airport news conference in Allentown, Pennsylvania, late Monday, Mr Bush said, "I regret that a private comment I made to the vice-presidential candidate made it through the public airways. Asked if he felt he owed Clymer an apology, Bush did not answer directly, only saying, "I regret everybody heard what I said.