Mouth too small for oral sex

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Sounds awkward, but I've tried on a banana and I can barely get half way down. It's been said that good tongue work will make up for a small mouth, but I have a small tongue too! I can't even stick it out! Caitlin, so maybe I'll be good, because of my small tongue? Since it will be only touching his head?

Mouth too small for oral?

11 Blowjob Tips For Sensitive Gag Reflexes & Small Mouths

How to make a guy cum when he barely fits in your mouth? NSFW I really didn't want to ask this and I apologize if it's come up before, but I searched the archives and the rest of the internet and have mostly been bogged down by general fellatio guides and porn. So here's the deal: I enjoy giving men oral sex, and I enjoy making them orgasm from oral even more. But I have never made my current partner of two years cum from oral. Maybe I'm just awful at it, but I never thought I was bad at blow jobs before this; I was always able to make men cum pretty quickly and they told me I was good at it. I realize everyone is different, but I cannot figure out what to do with my partner that will make him cum.

My Boyfriend's Penis Is Too Big For My Mouth

This is embarrassing but I have a small mouth and because of that I'm having a hard time sucking my boyfriends d! I can really only fit the head and I can only do it for a few minutes before i have to stop because my jaw hurts. What I'm wondering is are the any exercises I can do that might help loosen my jaw or make it easier to take him in my mouth? There isn't any exercise that can enlarge your mouth or loosen your jaw you have to except your situation.
My friend and I had talked about playing around together, and last night we finally did I'm gay, he's bi, by the way. My mouth is extremely small - I've literally had to avoid braces because my jaw would have to be widened surgically - it's THAT small though you can't notice because my face is proportionately narrow. So, I would try to go down on him, but each time he would wince, "no teeth, no teeth! I can't just "curl my lips" over my teeth - yeah that helps cover the FRONT teeth, but not on the sides.