Non affilated nudist clubs

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This is a list of places where social nudity is practiced in North America for recreation. This listing includes notable nude beaches and private resorts. Nude bathing on beaches is illegal in Anguilla. Though Belizeans don't particularly frown on nudity, there are no official nude beaches in Belize. However, there are dozens of deserted out islands with beaches perfect for sunbathing in the buff. British Columbia has thousands of kilometres of coastline and thousands of lakes, as well as millions of hectares of natural parks and undeveloped land.

List of social nudity places in North America

Nudist Clubs and Groups - Clothings Optional!

It was founded in under its previous name American Sunbathing Association. The AANR promotes the benefits of wholesome nude family recreation and works to protect the rights of nudists in appropriate settings, such as sanctioned nude beaches and public lands set aside for that use; as well as homes, private backyards, plus AANR-affiliated clubs, campgrounds and resorts. The AANR uses a portion of its collected membership fees to be politically active by campaigning and lobbying governments fighting to allow nudism in the US and Canada. A couple of years later after continued growth it was renamed and founded as an organization American Sunbathing Association in with Ilsley Boone being listed as president. After the war by , Boone was seen as controlling and micro-managing the organization resulting in many dissatisfied members. Claims of controlling mailing lists in order to receive enough proxy votes to keep control of elected votes and elected officials.

American Association for Nude Recreation

First Coast Naturists was founded in May of by a small group of nudist enthusiasts seeking a new club who embraced and practiced inclusiveness. We accept single and married people in our group as well as partnered folks. We also acknowledge and welcome solo members whose spouse or significant others choose not to participate, and we actively seek to make the non-participating member comfortable by making our non-nude events always accessible to them. Our events, except our textile events with clothes, in the public , to be accurate are clothing optional.
In May , Dupree started buying land in Central Pasco which he intended to use as a hunting retreat. He often invited his Tampa friends and colleagues to partake in the natural planted beauty of his retreat and it was this circle of friends who encouraged Dupree to open his gardens to the public. With the season rations of gas and tires caused an extensive decrease in the annual visitors to the gardens.