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They are the people that some South American governments would prefer to ignore. Sometimes the very existence of uncontacted tribes in the dense Amazon rainforest is denied — especially by the loggers, drug traffickers and oilmen who make money from the land on which these people have lived for hundreds if not thousands of years. But this week we could see for ourselves what it is like to make first contact with a group of indigenous people in a remarkable video showing vulnerable, naked figures emerging from the lush undergrowth of an Amazonian riverbank seemingly curious and nervous about the strange people they could see on the other side of the water. They were carrying huge bows and arrows and wore nothing but what appeared to be tight-fitting loin clothes kept in place by neat waistbands. Some of them shouted excitedly and at one point they even broke into a small song, as if to underline their peaceful intentions. The encounter took place near the Envira River on the border between Peru and Brazil.

Indigenous people of brazil

Exclusive: Stunning New Photos of Isolated Tribe Yield Surprises

The first time members of the various isolated tribes in the Amazon region of Brazil met Sydney Possuelo, they would try to figure out the strange white being who had appeared in their midst. Women from several tribes asked me to open my zipper and looked at my penis, and then they called their husbands to see. If my expedition included women, the men would feel their chest and loins to make sure that they were in fact women and not men. In one case, a man from one of the tribes took the hand of a member of the expedition who was black and rubbed it back and forth, trying to remove the color, until he understood that this was the skin color. Few people have devoted and risked their lives for the Amazon tribes like the impressive year-old adventurer who now sits across from me. With machete in hand and without an academic degree, he became an ethnographer and spent years in the jungles in the company of the native peoples. His efforts have made him the foremost authority in the field, a spokesman for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon region and one of the most admired and decorated activists in the world.

Naked Tribes found in Amazon forest (Brazil)

By Daily Mail Reporter. A newly released video captures the first fleeting images of an indigenous tribe living in Brazil's Amazon jungle that is thought to have been almost entirely isolated from the outside world. The rare images show several members of the Kawahiva tribe walking through dense foliage. Naked men carry bows and arrows, and a woman totes a child on her back.
All rights reserved. Aerial photographs of an isolated tribe in the Brazilian rain forest are yielding a sensational new look at a Neolithic way of life that has all but disappeared from the face of the Earth. The high-resolution images, taken from a helicopter last week by Brazilian photographer Ricardo Stuckert , offer an unprecedented glimpse of a vibrant indigenous community living in complete isolation in the depths of the Amazon jungle. National Geographic obtained first-time rights from Stuckert to publish a selection.