Respiratory hazards in operating room facial protection

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Language: English French. The coronavirus disease COVID outbreak has been designated a public health emergency of international concern. To prepare for a pandemic, hospitals need a strategy to manage their space, staff, and supplies so that optimum care is provided to patients. In addition, infection prevention measures need to be implemented to reduce in-hospital transmission.

Other PPE Recommendations

Use of respiratory and facial protection | Nursing Times

The use of respiratory protection, an important component of personal protective equipment PPE in healthcare, is dependent on the hazard and environmental conditions in the workplace. This requires the employer and healthcare worker HCW to be knowledgeable about potential exposures and their respective protective measures. However, the use of respirators is inconsistent in healthcare settings, potentially putting HCWs at risk for illness or injury. To better understand respirator use, barriers, and influences, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health NIOSH Health and Safety Practices Survey of Healthcare Workers provided an opportunity to examine self-reported use of respirators and surgical masks for targeted hazards. The hazards of interest included aerosolized medications, antineoplastic drugs, chemical sterilants, high-level disinfectants, influenza-like illness ILI , and surgical smoke. Hazard type, job duties, site characteristics, and organizational factors played a greater role in the likelihood of respirator use than individual factors. The proportion of respirator users was highest for aerosolized medications and lowest for chemical sterilants.

Exploring respiratory protection practices for prominent hazards in healthcare settings

Latest guidance supports health professionals in selecting and using respiratory and facial protection to minimise the risk of infection. Infectious microorganisms can be transmitted by various routes. Recent experiences with severe acute respiratory syndrome and pandemic H1N1 influenza in highlighted that health professionals may have difficulty in choosing the correct facial and respiratory protection. The Scientific Development Committee of the Healthcare Infection Society established a working group to develop guidance addressing this issue.
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