Supernatural season 4 sex and violence

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It aired on February 5th, Sam and Dean enter a small town in Iowa, where three men have inexplicably beaten their wives to death. The guys realize that behind the murders is a Siren , a creature that can take different forms and desperately needs love and compels people to destroy themselves as a show of devotion. The Siren eventually puts Sam and Dean under their spell and pits the two brothers against each other in a fight to the death. Adam Benson comes home late from work; his wife Vicky is making his dinner and teasing him about being late.

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4.14 Sex and Violence

Now that Dean is back from Hell, you and the brothers have to deal with the consequences. It doesn't help that Sam has taken advice from Ruby. All you can focus on is stopping Lucifer from rising. Sounds easy enough
Adam Benson comes home late from work, to be met by his wife Vicki, making his dinner and teasing him about being late. Adam responds angrily. Vicki then tells him she has accepted an invitation to a friend's birthday on Saturday. Adam is again angry, and this time he picks up a meat tenderizer and kills her. In a motel room somewhere Dean wakes and overhears Sam in the bathroom speaking to someone on the phone, talking about demonic signs.