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When we were younger my sexy wife Lynn loved exposing herself almost as much as she loved sucking cock so adult theaters and bookstores were a great place to visit. My wife Lynn and I got married when we were only eighteen and soon found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle. This was a stark difference from both of our upbringing as we were both raised in religious families in a very conservative small city. But one night after taking some nude pictures of her with a polaroid camera she was hooked on being photographed nude as she finally realized how sexy she was.

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It is not in the "Gay Male" category because that is not the main theme. But if sex between males bothers you, please do not read this story- you will not like it. He was a successful attorney, active in a host of civic organizations, always seemed to have a bevy of beautiful women to choose from, a real man about town. He was also an eccentric pervert. He was addicted to cocksucking. He certainly didn't consider himself gay; he liked women, and liked to fuck them.

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It was all her fault. Really it was, I swear. I mean why else would I have ended up at the pornshop sucking cock and getting fucked through a gloryhole? It was her fault. Can't you see that??
We took seats a few rows down from the back and settled in watching the great interracial movie playing. Lots of really hung black cock getting sucked by some attractive white women After 15 minutes or so, a noise behind us and across the aisle startled me as I watched an older man, probably in his 60's get up and lumber to the exit door. I hadn't noticed him when we entered, I guess he was sleeping or just being real quiet. He was a really large man, at least 6feet 5 inches tall, dressed in work clothes and looked very nice.