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The fashionista-turned-author claims this clothing hack has changed her life. Get all the Strictly glitter and goss straight to your inbox with our Strictly Come Dancing newsletter. Well I have the solution — two bras. Susannah also flashed some flesh online a few days previously, when she uploaded a photo of herself wearing a bright blue swimming costume in an airport. Earlier this year, Susannah dropped an incredible 20lbs 9kg in just ten weeks after being warned she was putting her health at risk by being obese. The TV star boasts that she's now skinnier than telly partner Trinny, having quite literally busted a gut to shed the pounds with a "brutal" diet and exercise overhaul.

Bizarre way Susannah Constantine battles to control her 'huge boobs'

Bizarre way Susannah Constantine battles to control her 'huge boobs' - Mirror Online

Trinny and Susannah might have made the television makeover show a primetime staple, but it appears that their no-nonsense fashion formula is struggling to compete with a new era of fashion TV. The rumour mill is in overdrive this week with talk that ITV may axe the duo after viewing figures for their current show, Undress the Nation, fell sharply; it's been attracting just 2. When Trinny and Susannah first hit our screens with What Not To Wear in the early Noughties, their dominatrix-style bossiness and tendency to grapple with women's breasts as part of their programme of public humiliation seemed daringly abrasive. Now, compared with some of the makeover shows following in their kitten-heeled footsteps, their formula seems like old-fashioned, no-nonsense innocence. Like the public-school nurse whose remedy for everything from a broken leg to bipolar disorder is carbolic soap and a plaster, Trinny and Tranny as they have been unkindly nicknamed pronounced a well-fitting bra the panacea to all life's sartorial mishaps. There was no figure too lumpy, skinny or lanky that couldn't be improved with a few stern words from Trinny, a good old grope from Susannah and some hardcore corsetry. And for the icing on the cake, the duo would dress their subjects up in an approximation of their own west London yummy-mummy uniform of velvet or lace-edged cardigans, bias-cut dresses, chunky necklaces and tasteful natural-look make-up.

Trinny & Susannah Undress

Search Search. Menu Sections. Trinny Woodall is sitting on a grey-blue velvet sofa surrounded by the cornucopia of gleaming beauty products that has taken over her chic south-west London home. She is talking - at the speed of Usain Bolt - about skin tones, highlighters, her 'vampire' face lifts, a wonder vitamin A cream from South Africa called Dermastine, which she got her former PA's uncle to send her from Cape Town "I asked for 10 tubes.
One stunt included Susannah Constantine being transformed into a year-old to look at how people dress for their age. Breasts , bras and uniforms were also some of the themes investigated during the first series. The first series of Trinny and Susannah Undress the Nation , which consisted of five episodes, started to air on 7 November The presenters were pursuing a serious subject in an engaging and entertaining way. The new show aims to tackle some of the main fashion problems in Britain, where ITV filmed numerous stunts to be broadcast on the programme to promote Trinny and Susannah's points.