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By George Nixon For Thisismoney. Banks have brought back or boosted balance transfer deals over the last month as they loosen the lending taps, but borrowers looking to clear their debts still have less choice than ever before. MBNA, Sainsbury's Bank and Virgin Money all lengthened the interest-free terms on some of their cards, while the supermarket lender also reopened its doors to non-Nectar customers last October after shutting up shop at the start of April It now offers the best 0 per cent deal on the market, with borrowers having as long as 29 months to clear their debts in return for a 3 per cent, although some applicants will be given less time to repay.

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Balance transfer credit cards: Some banks boost interest-free deals | This is Money

Type a minimum of three characters then press UP or DOWN on the keyboard to navigate the autocompleted search results. See how much you could save in interest with our balance transfer calculator 3. Take advantage of one of our balance transfer offers by transferring an existing balance or balances from another provider to your new Virgin Money Credit Card. Balance Transfer amount will revert to cash advance rate. Balance transfer calculations may not reflect the product maximum credit limit. No interest free days apply to retail purchases while you have a balance transfer. Reverts to cash advance rate.

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Last updated: 13 January, Can you get balance transfers and purchases credit cards? Although you could get two cards - one for making purchases and another to make a balance transfer - having just one makes it easier to keep track of what you owe and repay it. These are also often known as all rounder cards. Balance transfers can save you money by cutting the interest you pay on an existing credit card balance. Read more about what you need to know about balance transfers.
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