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Looking for some sensual companionship to spice up your evening or to help making that boring business trip fun?. Greetings to you gentlemen! I am affectionate, tender and passionate girl who will be your escort in any circumstances and places. For this I have a fairly high education and a good command of English and Czech. I am always well-groomed and prefer good restaurants and high class hotels.

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Gwen (Pre-searing) | GuildWars Wiki | Fandom

Gwen is a little girl that you first encounter in pre-Searing. Until Guild Wars, Eye of the North , no one knew what happened to her after the Searing, but little hints and clues were encountered in different areas of the game. The first time you speak to her, she will give you the Gwen's Flute quest in which you need to find her lost flute. If you complete the quest she will want to follow you in your adventures. She is a very useful sidekick as she is never targeted by enemies and can heal you for 20 HP when your health is down. Speak to her to have her follow you and speak to her again to have her wait.

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Join Senel and his best friend Hiro, as they travel through the Realm of Ascalon. The world is filled with mythical creatures, Gods and ancient civilizations. I woke up on a wooden floor.